Corporate Profile

Hydra Dyne Technology is proud to celebrate 27 years of successfully building world-class custom hydraulic components that global heavy equipment OEMs have come to rely on

In business since 1992, Hydra Dyne Technology designs and manufactures custom hydraulic manifolds, cylinders and swivels that use our unique LocSeal™ technology to stand up to the toughest of field conditions. Serving the forestry, agriculture, utility, construction and defense market sectors, our skilled team of engineers and operators use their decades of experience to customize and adapt designs to meet our customers’ needs.

Hydra Dyne Tech began as a hydraulics repair business in Woodstock, ON. It quickly recognized an opportunity in the marketplace to manufacture high-end hydraulic parts and grew the business as a reliable partner to many global OEMs. Today, Hydra Dyne services customers all over the world and continues to build a world recognized brand in the hydraulics community. Creating partnerships with both customers and suppliers has been the philosophy of the company since the very beginning and the success that Hydra Dyne enjoys today is due to the long-standing relationships that have been built in this supply chain.

In 2004, Hydra Dyne moved into its current facility located in Ingersoll, ON, where more than 150 engineers, manufacturing experts and support personnel work to supply the world’s most reliable and durable hydraulic products. In March 2019, Hydra Dyne took the next major step in its journey as it was acquired by Interpump Group out of Italy. This transaction was the result of Hydra Dyne’s focus to continue to expand its global footprint with a specific direction towards the European market. Interpump Group’s commitment to Hydra Dyne and Ingersoll is evident in the 70,000 Square Foot addition that is in progress and that includes a state-of -the- art material handling system that is currently scheduled to be completed in Spring 2020. The combination of Hydra Dyne’s world-class products and Interpump’s world-wide distribution network provide the foundation for future growth both locally and beyond.

Hydra Dyne has embraced technology as the lifeline to manufacturing in the 21st century. This technology-driven philosophy has provided the competitive edge to allow Hydra Dyne to thrive in a global market and has imbedded innovation and knowledge transfer as the defining characteristics of our company culture. Keeping employees connected in all areas of the business is key for attracting and retaining the new generation of highly skilled talent necessary for competing in a global market.

Hydra Dyne is also involved in the local community and takes pride in its efforts to promote manufacturing and technology specifically to youth orientated programs. Hydra Dyne is currently working with the Fusion Centre to offer specialized training for programming robotic applications to continue to build the interest of kids towards skills that will help them achieve rewarding careers. Hydra Dyne has also created a partnership with IDCI where blueprints, materials and measuring equipment are supplied to help build a successful machining curriculum within the technology department. Hydra Dyne believes that its long-term success is dependent on its ability to ensure that manufacturing opportunities and careers are promoted and championed right here in Oxford County.