We provide durable and multi-functioning solutions for the construction industry.

A critical piece of the construction industry is the machinery used to make the work faster, safer and more efficient.

Excavators, loaders, graders and dump trucks are common at every construction site, and some of these machines rely on hydraulics for their operation, including the drive wheels in most cases. Although the case for hydraulics in off-highway machinery is strong even without the influence of technology, construction companies want to do the job faster and more efficiently. 

Hydra Dyne’s unconventional problem-solving is our strength. In the rugged environmental conditions in which our customer’s machines operate, durable and multi-functioning solutions are required.

We support construction equipment by providing rotary manifolds, cylinders, fan control systems, collector manifolds, load holding manifolds, and other systems for motor graders, excavators, bulldozers, cranes and loaders.