Hydraulic components are well suited for mining because they are generally longer-lasting and simple in operation. Our products support the needs of the mining industry, and can be found in many pieces of mining equipment.

There are many reserves waiting to be exploited but not enough tools and equipment to get the job done properly. Some of the tools used are not very efficient. However, hydraulic use in mining is not a new concept. For instance, hydraulic jacks have been very instrumental in modern-day underground mining.

Similarly, the mining rotary breaker has been very useful in breaking huge chunks of soil that may be a barrier to effective underground mining. Such pieces of equipment break obstacles in both on-surface and underground mining processes to make it easier to access the working area.

The benefits of hydraulic use in mining include the fact that the equipment can operate at a specified pressure to take advantage of the force exerted by the larger cylinder to achieve massive force and lift heavier loads. During mining, double-acting cylinders give the operator more control, particularly when moving rocks and objects downwards.

This means that durable machinery and equipment should be used to dig, lift and move rock particles and other objects. Using hydraulics in mining is recommended because hydraulic components are generally more long-lasting than most other parts. In addition, operating hydraulic equipment is often simple. Hydra Dyne is here to support all of the needs to get the job done while providing high class reliable hydraulic solutions. Our products from cylinders, manifolds and rotaries can be found in mining equipment.