LocSeal™ seals are only available in products designed and manufactured by Hydra Dyne Tech.

Our patented LocSeal™ seals are featured in custom designed hydraulic rotary swivels and in high pressure low speed rotary applications.

The ‘Nubbie’ technology allows the seal to sit firmly in a tight tolerance mating custom groove. The seals withstand pressures exceeding 7500psi (517BAR) in multiple directions without losing pressure. They are manufactured with a high strength polymer plastic which maintains its rigidity, form, and performance over a wide pressure and temperature range.


Locking and Non-locking Rotary Seals

The Rotary Seals are designed specifically as a direct sealing solution for rod to gland junctions. They are capable of withstanding and radial and axial movement without leakage or pressure loss. The tight fit provides excellent rigidity in the entire assembly preventing slip or loss of accuracy at the end of the line machine.

Available in locking and non-locking seal configurations. The locking feature is not available under 80mm.