Our ability to design and produce quality components stems from our unique approach. We are a highly innovative company and we pride ourselves in adapting our designs to our customers' needs.

Our team of engineers includes seasoned production specialists who ensure that our designs, while innovative, can be manufactured effectively. Rigorous testing is conducted at our facility to simulate actual applications and real life conditions.


Hydra Dyne Tech is a full service machining facility with the latest technology in CNC machining centers. We stock a large inventory of raw material to be able to manufacture to short lead times. To expand our customer service, we have developed seal kit packages that accompany our products. These kits are directly integrated into customers' production lines.

Plasma Nitriding

To maintain quality and efficiency, we installed a plasma nitriding system which allows us to regulate and control the hardening process. The nitrided surface enhances seal performance since it reduces surface friction. This both increases seal longevity and reduces spool wear. Better control of the hardening process is key to producing better products.

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Custom designed and manufactured hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic control manifolds for combines, tillage equipment, sprayers and seeding equipment.


Unconventional problem-solving is our strength. In the rugged environmental conditions in which our customers' machines operate, durable and multi-functional solutions are required.

Rotary manifolds, cylinders, fan control systems, collector manifolds, load holding manifolds, and other systems for motor graders, excavators, bulldozers, cranes and loaders.


We have an extensive background in large scale off-road forestry equipment such as track feller bunchers, wheel feller bunchers, skidders, logging cranes and forwarders.

Our skilled team of engineers and operators use their decades of experience to customize designs for both complex hydraulic systems and advanced electrical systems.