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Slip rings are a very important component of rotary joints and are designed to accommodate 360 degrees continuous rotating. They allow for electricity to flow to a continuously rotating part of the assembly, as well as rotate without limitations.

Hydra Dyne Tech has recognized the need to provide a complete, high-quality system to eliminate common issues that customers face on a daily basis (such as disabled equipment, damaged control boards and lengthy, expensive repairs).

During our development stage, known problems and shortcomings have been top of mind and we are proud to say we have developed a slip ring that eliminates such issues. Our unique, stackable electrical slip ring is specifically designed for corrosive environments. It has a modular design that offers high current load capacity, reliable signal and data transmission with high transfer rates, long service life, and ease of handling.

Experience and expertise lie at the root of our products. After all, a rotary joint is only as reliable as its most vulnerable sub-system.