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Hydra Dyne Tech manufactures a wide range of piston accumulators with customizable options for both industrial applications and mobile hydraulic requirements. A piston accumulator contains a compressible non-explosive gas – nitrogen, on one side of the piston (gas section) and the other side (fluid section) is connected to hydraulic circuit to allow the hydraulic fluid to flow in and out at high speeds.

The nitrogen inside the accumulator is pre-charged to the desired pressure as per the demands of the application. When the hydraulic pressure in the system spikes, hydraulic fluid flows into the accumulator and pushes the piston by compressing the nitrogen gas. When there is a drop in the system pressure, the stored fluid is forced back into the circuit as the compressed gas expands. This phenomenon allows for a functional & efficient hydraulic system with dampened pulsations, controlled flow fluctuations, shock absorption and restoration of hydraulic energy in case of any loss.

The major advantage of having a piston type accumulator over the bladder type is, that the piston accumulator can be fully discharged and it also allows for a gradual loss of pre-charge pressure in case of any failure.

Hydra Dyne Tech’s Value Enhanced Advantages

Taper lock end caps on the shell ensuring secure locking mechanism.

Double Sealing System for excellent wear resistance and high-speed operations.

Lowest gas permeation – the dynamic seals allow for rapid movement of piston and hold full pressure over long idle periods.

Accurate piston position monitoring* option available for critical applications.

Gas valve protector included to prevent external shocks/sabotage.


Highly compatible design for a wide range of compression

Options to mount accumulators in different orientations with provisions to connect to external gas tanks.

High precision finish on the inner surface of the barrel and light weight aluminum piston ensure no start-up friction, high piston velocity & increased seal life.

Custom-made options for corrosive fluids* and unique applications*.

Engineered for reliability, durability and minimal maintenance.

Application Areas

Agriculture Machinery

Agriculture Machinery

Industrial Hydraulic Units

Industrial Hydraulic Units

Mining Equipment

Mining Equipment

Marine Applications

Marine Applications

Mobile Hydraulics

Mobile Hydraulics

Renewable Energy - Wind, Tidal & Solar

Renewable Energy - Wind, Tidal & Solar

Earth Moving Equipment

Earth Moving Equipment

Active Energy Storage in Hybrid Systems & Automotive Applications

Active Energy Storage in Hybrid Systems & Automotive Applications

Technical Specifications


Max Operating Pressure

5000 psi [359 bar]

Effective Pressure Differential

2990 psi [206 bar]

Number of Actuations or Cycle


Gas Volume

58 in³ [0.95 L] min

Operating Temperature

18°F [-8°C] up to 200°F [93°C]

Max Flow Rate

55 gpm [208 lpm]


Up to 8.5 [215.90]


80 to 160 mm


As per application demand

Port Sizes

SAE #20 JIC Male Connection

CRN Certifications


Material Specifications



ASME SA-106 Grade C

Gland Ring

ASME SA-106 Grade C

End Caps



Aluminum Grade 6061-T6

Piston & End Cap Seals

Piston Seal w/25% Carbon Graphite Filled PTFE, GF&M  PTFE Step Seal Buffer Ring, Wear Ring, BU & O’ring

Gas Valve Assembly

303 Stainless Steel

Gas Valve Protector

Cold Rolled 12L14


Paint (Black, 50% gloss)

Hardware Kits

Mounting kit, Charging kit



Build Your Accumulator

* Please provide us with specifics of the application, gas volume, working pressure, and such, and we’ll help you get started!