HDT Award of Excellence (in Partnership with Fanshawe)

The Partnership

Delivered in partnership with Fanshawe College, Hydra Dyne has established the HDT Award of excellence of academic achievement. This award is given to the most accomplished student in CNC Programming Program at Fanshawe.

In addition, students in the CNC Programming Program are given tours of our facility, and some offered Co-op Placements at Hydra Dyne.

Why We Do It

Our mantra at Hydra Dyne is to “work in HD”. Part of this promise is to deliver value for our community in the form of nourishing the next generation of thinkers and doers by providing them with support and opportunities for advancing their knowledge.

This awards partnership with Fanshawe College ensures we’re able to positively impact the lives of students.


Check out the images below from the 2019 recipient dinner:

Interested in a Partnership?

If you’re a community-focused organization and are looking for corporate partners, please reach out to us.